E-Comm Masterminds Incubator Playbook
A 17 page Blueprint For E-Commerce Dropshipping Business Owners that Will 10X your overall momentum
Why the 'E-Comm Masterminds Incubator Playbook' is pretty much a...
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What's Included:
  • E-Commerce Dropshipping and Who It Is For
  • ​E-Commerce Dropshipping Benefits
  • ​What You Need [Pre-Checklist]
  • Domain + Logo Tips
  • ​What Type Of Store And Niche Should You Have
  • ​Top 8 General Niches and Niches In 2020 - Onwards
  • ​Benefits, Pros, Cons for Types Of Stores
  • My Top Favorite Themes To Utilize
  • ​Social Media -- Why It’s Important & How to Build
  • ’Micro-Branding’ [Branding] Tips
  • ​Product Research & Validation Strategies
  • ​Product Page Optimization Tips
  • ​Ad Creative Strategies
  • ​Best Traffic Methods
  • Paid Marketing Basics + Advanced Tips/Tricks (Facebook)
  • ​Utilizing Instagram Influencers
  • ​Understanding of Vital Facebook KPI’s, Metrics and Data-Points
  • ​Supplier/Sourcing Options
  • Additional Tips + Bonus
  • Back-End & Front-End Tips To Unlock Your Store’s Full Potential
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Who Is Yash Shah

Whether a small or medium sized business owner, I help businesses and business owners craft and implement effective marketing and branding strategies to rapidly grow their business and increase ROI.

I’ve been in the E-Commerce and Digital Marketing space a tad over two years now and since then I’ve built and scaled multiple dropshipping businesses utilizing Facebook & Instagram Marketing. I initially started out by pursuing Shopify Dropshipping, and ultimately transitioned into building brands and guiding novice and intermediate/advance E-Commerce store owners to achieve their goals in the space. E-Commerce has led me to achieve running and operating my own Digital Marketing Agency, and also being able to consult and coach with numerous online business owners.

The one thing that has moved me forward the most in the past years is investing in myself, whether that meant coaching or mentors. Every investment I made 10x'ed my growth, and opened up a multitude of opportunities ahead of me. I strive to do the same for you.

Yash Shah

Digital Marketer | E-Commerce Brand Developer | E-Commerce Coach

If you're feeling overwhelmed by marketing, or are just looking for a bit of direction with your overall strategy for your dropshipping store, I'd love to share this 'E-Comm Masterminds Incubator Playbook' to help guide you down the right path. It covers all of the various do's & don'ts/in's & out's. 
At the end of the day, I want you to have a profitable online store, and even multiple, once you've mastered the fundamentals (which is what most people lack). Let’s work together to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and the ability to generate what I like to call, ‘location neutral income!.' #wifigang
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What 2018 Looked Like For Me
GET The E-Comm Masterminds Incubator Playbook TODAY FOR Only $5!

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GET The E-Comm Masterminds Incubator Playbook TODAY FOR Only $5!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
You've Questions? I've Got Answers
 Who is the E-Comm Masterminds Incubator Playbook most helpful to?
Absolutely anyone! Whether you’ve just started with your online store a few days ago, or have been in the game a few years now, the playbook comes jam packed with the basics, unique tips, and advanced tactics .
 Can I go through the playbook at my own pace?
Absolutely, why not! Take as much time as you need. I recommend going through it in order and implementing everything step-by-step to see the maximum return.
 What If I have any follow up questions?
I’m here to serve...You can ask me on Facebook (Just Join My Group), and I’ll get back to you!
 Can I get my money back?
If you believe you haven’t gotten any value from the 17 PAGES offered in the playbook, then sure. This means, if you believe it was not worth you investing $0.10 a day for 30 days, I will refund you. I believe in transparency and clarity, and am 100% confident this won’t happen.
GET The E-Comm Masterminds Incubator Playbook TODAY FOR Only $5!
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